The Fox and the Mask – an Aesop fable.

“A fox had by some means got into the store-room of a theatre. Suddenly, he observed a face glaring down on him and began to be very frightened; but looking more closely he found it was only a mask such as actors use to put over their face. “Ah,” said the fox, “you look very fine; it is a pity you have not got any brains.”

Welcome to The Fox and the Mask.  I am a political obsessive, feminist and lover of culture both high and low. This blog is where I post about all the things that pique my interest.  Those things are many and varied and will hopefully be of interest to you.

It’s called The Fox and the Mask; sometimes we are the fox, sometimes we are the mask.

Sometimes I get super fired up about issues and ideas and I really enjoy putting together a cogent argument that illuminates my point of view and hopefully persuades others to see things the way I see them.

Other times I just want to watch literally any of the Real Housewives and hide in my bed and eat many, many things.

So, there it is. Welcome one, welcome all, please enjoy my thoughts and opinions and don’t be shy to get involved and comment although if you’re weird, then…NO.

“With foxes we must play the fox” – Thomas Fuller.

“Sometimes I put on an old ski mask and dress in old clothes, go out on the streets and beg for quarters.” – Mike Tyson.