*Not actually* Pauline Hanson’s actual speech.

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*Not actually* Pauline Hanson’s actual speech.

Thank you um Acting Deputy President. Well, I’ve listened to some comments in this chamber today and all I hear is about racism. My ears are actually very, very attuned to racism. And so is my mouth. Um…lemme make my point very clear. Please, let me. Seriously, dear God, please let me make it clear.

When I first came into Parliament I stood on the grounds of equality for all Australians. Equality. Regardless of race, colour, creed. As long as you were white, or grateful. And also, what I’ve, um, tried to make quite clear is that yes, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were the first people of this land here, yes, it was colonised, Australia was colonised, some people came here. You may now teach this in all the schools.

They came here, they cruised around, yeah, we call it colonising but I think of it more as renovating. They came here and really renovated Australia. And now look what it’s worth. The colonisers didn’t wage war against the Indigenous population. That’s not what we were taught by the colonisers. They came over. They built our beloved country. They popped a few tinnies with the Aboriginals. They sneezed on them. You can’t help sneezing. How were they to know that was bad? There was no “science” in the olden days. And I ask you, is there even any “science” now? Or just job destroying climate science propaganda.

And since then, many migrants from around the world have sought Australia to make their home. As long as they’ve come by plane that’s fine. Or by boat circa 1949; no worries. And they’ve come here, um, to join us and to be one of us and I welcome that. My first husband was actually Polish, he was a, he was a migrant, *gargles mouth wash*, after the Second World War who came to Australia for a new life with his mother.

They came by boat, but they were white so that was fine. I’ve had involvement with people of all different cultural backgrounds. The manager of my shop, my fish’n’chip shop, was also a refugee from Laos. And I had the highest regard for her and we worked very well together. I was the boss, she was my employee. We knew who had the privilege and power in our dynamic so I was comfortable with that. I would suggest she couldn’t drive very well, sometimes I would offer her for sale to my single bloke customers. And she would laugh and call me a cunt in Laos language.

I had properties that I actually rented out to an Aboriginal lady, and her child. They didn’t even destroy them. It took a lot for me to overcome that fear. I would like the respect I deserve for that. My children grew up in the same street as Aboriginal children. They never met them, but they grew up on the same street. My association with all different cultures has been one that I have cherished. People ask me whether the feeling is mutual? I can get my friends to ask.

My parents were people that welcomed anyone into their homes as long as they were white or suitably obsequious, and that’s how I was taught. And I have respect for so many different cultures, and the people – respect is earned by the person, not purely based on who they are or their race, it must be earned. My respect must be earned. By people, brown people and Muslims.

Under this act, and people say, well, why are we standing up here and speaking out against the words of “to insult, offend, humiliate or intimidate”. Genuine question. I may not agree with you, but I will defend your right to intimidate or humiliate people till the day I die. When did we become so frightened to intimidate or humiliate brown or Muslim people? It’s bloody un-Australian.

Today’s day and times has changed greatly and people have come to our country. And I remember most, years ago, when they came, there was the Greeks and the Italians and different ones, they were called wogs. They were actually, um…they keep telling me, they said “My God, we actually had everything thrown at us, we were abused, but we said ‘Nope’. We got on with it. We shook the spit out of our hair and the rubbish out of our clothes and we thought, isn’t this a great, free country, where people are free to spit at us and abuse us, because they are white and we are wogs.”.

Because when the Aussies had a go at them, in that Aussie way, they then became part of the community, they assimilated. They knew what would happen if they didn’t. I remember all the guys at the fish markets, the Greeks’n’Italians. We all had jokes together.  I would call them wogs and joke about their hot lunches and ask them why couldn’t they just eat a sandwich like normal people? And they would laugh and call me a cunt in Greek or Italian.

And, it was taken in the good sense of humour I think we’ve lost that in Australia. I think people have become so precious, that you can’t say or do anything anymore, otherwise you’ll be dragged off to the law courts. You can’t even call all Muslims terrorists anymore! Hello? It’s a world gone mad.

And you talk about racism. Let’s define the word racism. Some people say that racism is actually “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

But I say that a racist is a person who believes their race to be superior to another. Understand the meaning. I don’t. And I’m an actual Senator. So don’t ever let anyone tell you that understanding exactly what you’re talking about is important. Only the elites believe that! So gay.

So when you criticise or you have a point of a difference, don’t counter-act that by saying it’s a racist comment. It’s not racist to call all Muslims terrorists. Or Jews greedy. Or Aboriginals lazy. It’s my freedom of speech. It’s debate. And I’m fed-up with people in this Parliament and even outside this House, calling me a racist yet they cannot define one word that I have ever said, in policy or anything, that is racist. As for sentences and paragraphs, well, there will be a few of those. But no single words.

Now I remember years ago, when I was first elected, I went to have a meeting with the Aboriginal Elders. It was all a set up with the media, but I remember, they came out, they called me a pig in mud and white trash. They said it in English, not even sure how they found time to put the grog down and learn it, but there you go. I would’ve been fine with it if they were joking in their own language and knowing their place, but they were serious and speaking my language! The media actually printed it. And then when I actually spoke to them about it, they said, well, what’s wrong with that?

I can well imagine if I’d reversed the words, but I never did. Never ever ever in public. And it’s alway- it’s- what I’m hearing now, it’s, it’s all one way, one sided. Let’s have debate on this. And, Senator Kim says here, well if we change it and get rid of 18c, what do you wanna say that you can’t say now? I want to say that Islam is not a religion, it’s a hateful political ideology. But I can’t say that outside this chamber. Even though I just got elected by saying that over and over again, all over the country and on tv, radio and social media. I can’t say it anymore. The terrorists’ feelings might get hurt.

And I will say, through you, The Chair, Madam Deputy President, case in point is those students. What did they say in the Facebook page? “This is segregation, by segregation.”. So they were shut down. What is that? That is not an insult. It was pure fact. They actually went to the university, they wanted to go into a room and use computers, that was purely marked for Aboriginal only. That is racist in itself. It is racist to set aside resources for one group only. I should know.

Why didn’t they go and complain about it to the 18c? You might say because the 18c is a passage in the Racial Discrimination Act and not an Ombudsman, but anyway I am so confused. Why, why wasn’t something done about it? But it isn’t, they’re protected. Because we have laws in this country now that protect anyone who’s not of a colour – or anyone from another race can criticise the Australians. And by Australians I mean white people. It’s become now, in Australia, down to reverse racism. Minorities with less advantages than the majority of white people are so racist. The system of white supremacy that has been legislated into existence in this country produces brown racists.

That’s why Australians are fed up with it. That’s why they’re saying they want change. Because it’s got to a point of view where you cannot have a say anymore. I’m ok, I’m in this chamber, I’m protected. I can say what I wanna say here. But if I go outside this chamber, and say it outside, like many Australians, we can’t have an opinion, we can’t say anything anymore. We can say it all over the country in meetings, and at town halls, and at huge political rallies. And on TV, radio, print and online. And social media. But other than that – total censorship.

Now, Mr – Senator Dodson made a comment. He said up until 1967 he wasn’t included in the census. And that was true. But. The Aboriginal people did have the vote prior to that. And I believe that was in Western Australia, please correct me if I’m wrong. But the whole fact is that Australians believed, and at that time, to bring Aboriginal people in, to treat them equally. That’s why the majority of Australians, around about 97, 98%, voted that; because they wanted equality. They didn’t want this separation anymore. Just the right to take and raise Aboriginal children. Kindness! Not racism.

And he speaks that they weren’t included in the constitution. Actually, Section 51:26 of the Australian Constitution, at that time before the Referendum said that the Commonwealth shall make specific laws for any race, other than the Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders. So they are in it! Hello!! THEY ARE MENTIONED. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that means included.

What the framers of that Constitution, our leaders who actually drew up the Constitution, in the 1890’s – why they put that in – make specific laws for any race, other than – was because the Chinese and the Afghans in this country, mainly the Chinese, because of the opium and the immigration. I might be having an actual stroke right about now. But I will continue. Bravery. That’s why it was put in. It was not put in to do anything to do with the Aboriginal, um, people at all. It was to do with that. But they were mentioned!

And, Senator Dodson talks about words. Words can be hateful. Especially Arabic words. Words is what’s, um, what’s happening in Syria. The fighting round the world. I don’t believe it’s just about words. I think it’s about hatred. Of a religion, that is ah, casting their hate and their political ideology onto the rest of the world. Those are my words. I say them all the time. And I’m an actual Senator. So don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t say hateful words.

That’s what’s behind this. And I do believe that we have the same problem in Australia if we don’t address it, and have the right to debate it, to find the answers, so that each and every one of us can live in peace and harmony on our streets.  We just need to round up all the terrorists and homeless people first, and then, peace and harmony! As long as you are exactly like us. And I will tell you who we are. Me and my Party will tell you who we are, thank you very much. Be exactly who we say you are and say exactly what we want you to say at all times. That’s patriotism.

And not live in fear of being dragged before the courts. Which is so much worse than the fear of being discriminated against or spat on or beaten up. I’m pleased to hear that, uh, Senator Kim is actually following my Facebook page. He made a mention of it. Maybe he will learn a lot more from how the Australian people really feel. The real Australians. The white Christian ones and the terrified, grateful ones.

So what I’m saying here today. Is it really going too far to have an opinion that we offend, or insult, humiliate, or intimidate someone?

Maybe the people in Australia should start looking at others, of a different religious background to us, that they may start to think twice before they make their comments on the streets towards our young ladies who wish to not cover themselves up, or dress in a fashion of a short skirt, and then be told they are nothing but the meat market. Or people, women on our beaches who can’t go swimming because others are offensive towards them. We need to free up real Australians to be able to intimidate and humiliate these people of this different religion. That is what I am actually saying.

There is a lot of this going on in this country, yet there are people in this chamber who will not acknowledge it, and I’m sick and tired of seeing them stand up for one, one race, or other people in this country that don’t see themselves as Australians, who have no intentions of ever assimilating, and we are told constantly, time and time again, that we must be tolerant. I have been a bloody beacon, no, an icon of tolerance.

Well I’ve had it up to here with my tolerance. I will no longer tolerate my tolerance. It’s intolerable. I believe that we have a right to have an opinion, have a say, debate it. I, who never, ever shuts the fuck up, demand my right to have a say. And I’ll go back to the point. I welcome anyone who has come to this country to join us, to assimilate and respect our culture, our way of life. As long as they are white or grateful. And I stand by that. I- it is a shame that we have come to this point that we need to debate this issue, but that’s how our country is headed.