Trump sexually harasses women. Surprised?

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Trump calls women dogs, slobs and pigs.

It’s not a coincidence that someone who calls women dogs, slobs and fat pigs turns out to serially sexually harass them. Is anyone surprised that Donald J Trump, a man who rates women out of 10, who thinks breastfeeding is disgusting, and who tweets the tweet below is currently being exposed in this way?


Sexual harassment is about the abuse of power.

Sexual harassment is most of all an exercise in the power dynamic. It’s harassment because the instigator of the unwelcome sexual touching is in a position of power relative to you. They abuse that power dynamic. These men feel entitled to touch you and they count on you being too afraid to refuse. Old men cloak themselves in their patriarchal privilege and sexually harass very young women. What’s more, they get away with this shit because you’re too young and frightened to react.

Your boss gets away with this shit, because you need your job. The celebrity you interview gets away with this shit because you need the copy. An actress auditioning wants the part. And the girl at the hospital literally cannot move. Even just the man who is far more physically imposing than you, you know, the 6 foot plus hulking fat man? He gets away with this shit because what can puny little female you do? And the thrill isn’t just the sexual contact, the thrill is in dominating and over-powering you.

If anyone is surprised that 8 women (so far) have come forward with allegations that Trump sexually harassed them then they haven’t been paying attention.

Here is a small man.

Here is a small man. Right here is a man who has repeatedly told us what he is. What he thinks of women. How he feels about power, and status and privilege. He has shown us the lengths he will go to in order to have the power he wants. Those are some long lengths. Trump attacks those most at a disadvantage. He attacks immigrants, minorities, women, the “elites” (cosmopolitans, liberals). In the far-right universe and the universe of conspiracy theorists, the “elites” is code for the Jews. And he accepts the endorsement of the far-right and the conspiracy theorists. Trump makes common cause with dictators. How can any Jew with a functioning conscience get into bed with this Nazi-lite scumbag?

Winners and big, fat losers.

Trump is the living embodiment of 80’s consumer capitalism. He came of age at a time when Republicans started attacking the welfare state. Remember Reagan and his “Welfare Queens”? That was racially coded political cover for the onset of one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history. It’s still going on – although it’s now the wholesale transfer of wealth from everyone to the 1%.

This attack on the working poor was also motivated by a backlash. Of course, this backlash was against what Republicans saw as the breakdown of the traditional nuclear family. The breakdown of the nuclear family was a consequence of women’s liberation. Of women being welcomed into the workforce, of contraception being readily available, of the sexual revolution. Finally, women no longer had to stay in unhappy or abusive relationships just to survive.

The ensuing Republican (largely white, christian, male) backlash was against their own looming loss of privilege.

Those cynical, baby-popping women.

They blamed the breakdown of nuclear families on the availability of welfare to single mothers. The attack on the working poor was justified by way of the philosophy of rugged individualism. The Republicans literally dismantled the post-war consensus. This consensus was still largely informed by Roosevelt’s New Deal. It said we’re all in this together and we live in a society with a moral obligation to look after each other.

However, in the 80’s, suddenly if you were poor it wasn’t because you were a victim of circumstance beyond your control. And no longer were you worthy of charity or help. Now you just couldn’t cut it, you were someone who couldn’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps. You were a loser. Or you were a fallen woman, or a black fallen woman. What’s more, you were a woman busy milking your hard-working American neighbours for welfare. By popping out babies like ping pong balls.

The original American Psycho.

Trump is the driven but not-very-bright, completely incurious, privileged white son of a millionaire. He imbibed this shit without critical thought. Donald J Trump is the muse of Patrick Bateman in Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho.

From Slate:

Three-quarters of the way through Brett Easton Ellis’s “American Psycho,” a detective visits Patrick Bateman’s office on Wall Street to inquire about a missing banker. Bateman, who has already told us how he murdered this man, does his best to remain calm. During an uncomfortable silence, he points to a book on his desk ― “The Art of the Deal” by Donald Trump. “Have you read it?” asks Bateman. “No,” says the detective. “Is it any good?” “It’s very good,” Bateman replies.

I would argue that Easton Ellis used Bateman as the vehicle with which to indict a particularly 80’s shit sandwich. The shit sandwich was rampant consumerism, ruthless individualism and rapacious capitalism. And again: Bateman idealises Trump.

Is anyone surprised? 

Trump has shown us throughout this long campaign that he sees the world in terms of winners and losers. This is the worldview of arch capitalism.  Everything, every interaction, every situation, all is reduced to competition in which the stronger is the better. Furthermore, cooperation or compromise or diplomacy is for weaklings.

And when men like Trump say weak, they mean feminine, sissy, un-manly. Is anyone surprised that as a result, he is an arch misogynist? Women are either pieces of ass or disgusting. Or they are sainted wives and daughters or disposable sluts. And much as Jimmy Saville, another noted abuser of women, idolised his Mother, so did Trump. Which is all of a piece. Women are never fully realised human beings with differing wants, needs and aptitudes. Rather, they are reduced to archetypes and assets, considered only as the object in relation to men, and never as a subject.

Finally, this is someone who takes what he wants without compunction, since the world has always rewarded him for it. It’s all he was ever taught, by anyone he ever admired. And this is someone who openly hates anything he perceives as weak. Trump is someone who is all self regard and no self. All things considered, is anyone really surprised that Donald J Trump serially sexually harasses women?