Hillary won the second debate.

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The Spectacle

So on Monday morning Australian time, I along with most adults in the Western World, treated myself to a spectacle, otherwise known as the second US Presidential debate of 2016. Let me say first, Hillary Clinton won. She won hands down.

A supremely sane, competent and level-headed female candidate answered the questions she was asked by moderators and the audience. And a malevolent orange stalk-monster opened his puckered-anus mouth hole and dribbled out whatever came into his head. He dribbled those words from his bum-lips without any regard for truth, civility or logic.

I saw the female candidate face those who’d asked her a question and politely try to answer it, with open and frank body language. The male candidate repeated inane, spurious and racist talking points when he was supposed to be answering questions. I watched him try to indict her based on her husband’s mis-deeds. I watched him desperately trying to deflect when he was asked if he realised he had described himself committing a sexual assault. And I saw him literally stalk her around the stage, lurking and puffing and looming behind her.  He hissed at her, insulted her and threatened her.

What the fuck is he DOING.

What the fuck is he DOING.

Hillary can’t win.

And once it was over, I heard waaaaay too many outlets declare that he won.

It gave me my first migraine. True story.

It gave me my first migraine. True story.

Here is a man so steeped in his male privilege that he actually thought the best way to “win” this debate would be to harass, intimidate and threaten his opponent. And here is a significant part of the culture so used to equating domination with success that they collude with that belief. And it is nothing short of collusion, because she was well spoken, well prepared, and in possession of her faculties. Unequivocally, he was not. Yet we still say that because he stalked, insulted and bullied her he won. Because he “landed” some “punches” regarding her emails or Benghazi or her speeches to Wall St bankers, he won.


She has to be perfect, he has to show up.

No matter that she has been investigated for the above and they are yet to prove any criminal conduct. No matter that he is basically a bum-lipped orange fart flap that grabs women by the pussy and calls Mexican immigrants rapists and says he will ban Muslims from the US and threatens to jail his opponents and encourages violence at his rallies and insults the mothers of dead war heroes and promises that he will restore America’s thousand year reich Make America Great Again and walks around with that fucking combover on his on his bald, rapey head.

Hellooooooooooo!! He is fucking delusional. Hellooooooooooo!!!!!!

Sorry sushi

Hillary Clinton has to be perfect in every goddamn way. She has to have performed a 30 year long political career impeccably. She has to know every answer. And she has to be warm but not too warm, so we can take her seriously.  Also, she must be smart, but not too smart in case we’re intimidated. She has to laugh, to show she has a sense of humour, but not too loudly, because: cackling. She is the first woman to get this far, so every single thing she does is “unpresidential” by default. Hillary can’t win.

And what of him? He just has to show up. Trump doesn’t have to be coherent, or tell the truth, or be civil. He just has to show up. And bully her. And then a significant portion of the world will call him the winner.

Except she won and she is winning.

Well, he didn’t actually win, Thank The Gods, and she is 5 points up in the polls. SHE WON. Because she answered the questions. She won because she has cogent, credible plans for her Presidency. And she won because she communicated all of that without recourse to threats and intimidation. I hope she whips his lying, misogynist, racist, know-nothing, ignorant arse (face) in November. Please, please, please let him finally be the thing he fears most…a big, fat, loser who got beaten by a girl. The End.